<strong>Kent Johnson</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kent Johnson is a 43-year-old Kent resident who lives on Main Street.  Johnson has been unemployed for about six months and for him, the candidates have yet to address what they want to do about America's poor.
</em> <strong>Shauna Carter</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Holly Schoenstein</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“Issues in Iraq are the top priority. Right now, I’m undecided if we should leave [Iraq] for the sake of our country and our soldiers’ lives and for the structure of their [the Iraqi’s] country because it’s chaotic.</em> <strong>Samantha Staniec</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Holly Schoenstein</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kent resident Samantha Staniec, 19, originally from Medina, said that neither candidate has addressed the issue of abortion.  She is pro-choice, so her vote depends on whichever candidate supports it, too. </em> <strong>John Turner</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Julie Landis</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>John Turner, a retired Kent resident, is worried about health care and said he is frustrated because many issues he'd like to hear the presidential candidates talking about haven't been addressed.</em> <strong>Patrick Moore</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Patrick Moore, 23, of Kent works at Wild Goats Café and begins classes at Kent State in spring 2009.  He is concerned with the economy and fair trade.</em> <strong>James </strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Theresa Bruskin</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>James, 88, “has fought in all the wars” and adamantly opposes the draft.  
“I went through hell and I know what it’s all about,” he said.</em> <strong>Zach Scott</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Chris Gates</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Zach Scott is a student at Kent State and is very concerned about the economy.</em> <strong>Aaron Sutherland</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Aaron Sutherland works at a laundromat/bar on Main Street in Kent. This election, his main concerns deal with energy and investing in technologies to become less dependent on foreign oil. </em> <strong>Steve Saxton</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Gordon Thompson</strong> (reporter) <strong>Martina Nwoga</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Megan Rozsa</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>I would ask Obama how he’s going to fix the government because I saw it go down during Bush’s presidency.</em> <strong>Colleen Rankin</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Antasha Durbin Solomon</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Colleen Rankin said, beyond the obvious issues in America, there are also important world issues that have not yet been addressed. Foreign policy and helping citizens of other countries is what she feels needs to be discussed. </em> <strong>Kendra Crookston</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Marcus Barkley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kendra Crookston is a mother and Kent State grad, both for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She is an avid Obama supporter and is working with friends in the area to get the word out.
</em> <strong>Anastasa Williams</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Aaron Martin</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Williams feels the economy and oil are two key issues in this election. </em> <strong>Austin West</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Sarah McGrath</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Austin West is an independent voter who took advantage of the early absentee voting in Ohio to cast his vote for Sen. Barack Obama as president.</em> <strong>Billy </strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Aaron Martin</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Billy is an Obama supporter who wants to see an emphasis placed on renewable energy and creating jobs. </em> <strong>Rob Domen</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Domen said he is concerned about the issue of poverty and called it a “hidden sin” in the area.
</em> <strong>Dave Mizelle</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>High gas prices are an important issue for Mizelle. He said his family did not take their trip to North Carolina this year because the gas prices were so high. 
</em> <strong>Albert Malfo</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Ashleigh Klinger</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Albert Malfo is a resident of Tallmadge and believes that candidates have addressed enough of the issues, but wants voters to make the right decision.</em> <strong>Vicki Brant</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Megan Rozsa</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“Things can always get worse, but because of my personal faith in God I know that he’s going to watch over us. This is a blessed country, we don’t realize it, but we’re a blessed country. I believe things could always get worse, but I try to look on the bright side that there are still people there in the government who are working for us,” Brant said.</em> <strong>Zac Cochenour</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Holly Schoenstein</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Zac Cochenour, a twenty-one-year-old Kent resident, originally from Canton, said both presidential candidates should further address the economy.  He wonders where the money for the candidates' plans will come from.  </em> <strong>Tina Bennett</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Scarlett</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Tina Bennett, 47 years old, marketing co-coordinator at Pizzute's Plant-n-Thyme Greenhouse and Garden Center in Brimfield Township.</em> <strong>Brooke Dulka</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kelly Pickerel</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“I really think we need to see a change in energy policy; developing alternative sources other than trying to find more ways to get oil.”</em> <strong>Henry Shepard</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>The main issues for him in this election are jobs and the economy. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications but has been unable to find the job in the field right now. 
</em> <strong>Jason Alessi</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Jason Alessi, a junior marketing major, said the candidates are adequately focusing on the economy.</em> <strong>Moyra Mathews</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Scarlett</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Moyra Mathews, 45 years old, marketing co-coordinator at Pizzute's Plant-n-Thyme Greenhouse and Garden Center in Brimfield.</em> <strong>Jen Shaffer</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Marcus Barkley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Jen Shaffer is a Kent State student living off campus with friends. She said she does not know or care a lot about politics. She just knows she doesn’t like George Bush.
</em> <strong>Loralea Allen</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Tyler McIntosh</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Loralea Allen is a graduate student at Kent State who is worried about what both candidates will do about education and student loans.</em> <strong>Lynne Milliken</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kyle Miller</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Milliken has four children.  She feels the candidates haven't discussed the issues concerning children enough during this election.  Lynne is undecided whether she will vote for McCain or Obama.  </em> <strong>Laurie Avalos</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Krittika Chatterjee</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Laurie Avalos, a former resident of Texas, is a resident of Brimfield who thinks the candidates are not giving enough detail about important topics such as the economy and health care.</em> <strong>Justin Smith</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kelly Pickerel</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Justin Smith, 19, is concerned about the increase in poverty levels in the neighborhood he's from in Cleveland.</em> <strong>Charles Honeck</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Krittika Chatterjee</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Charles Honeck, a retired resident of Brimfield Township said the economy is the issue that affects him the most.</em> <strong>Larry D'Agostino</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kyle Miller</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>D'Agostino is from Alliance, Ohio.  He is one of the PARTA workers on strike.  Larry is most concerned with jobs, the economy and health care.  </em> <strong>Jeff Kuthan</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Brittany Moffat</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>As a nursing major at Kent State, Kent resident Jeff Kuthan said he understands the need for a new health care plan in the U.S.</em> <strong>Al Moss</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Moss, an assistant professor in the School of Art at Kent State, said he wished the candidates had focused more on the war, which in his opinion is a bigger issue than ever.

</em> <strong>Betty Stanton</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Ashleigh Klinger</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Betty Stanton has links to soldiers in Iraq, and thinks the issue is the most important to address in candidates' campaigns.</em> <strong>Erick Craft</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Ashleigh Klinger</strong> (reporter) <strong>Ryan Lovejoy</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>In late August, Ryan Lovejoy said he was very concerned about the war in Iraq, as well as the then-recent Russian invasion of neighboring country Georgia. </em> <strong>Angelique Manns</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Manns is the owner of Skullz salon and said that health insurance is the most important issue to her, right now. She spent the last nine years without it, and said 95% of hairdressers do not have insurance because salons don’t provide it. 
</em> <strong>Gerry Orr</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>A retired high school teacher married to a retired Kent State professor, Orr is very concerned about education. She doesn't believe the candidates are addressing this adequately.</em> <strong>Dane Boykin</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Brock Harrington</strong> (reporter) <strong>Pat McCarthy</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kelly Pickerel</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Pat McCarthy, 19, feels his vote " /> <strong>Lee Moll</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Aaron Martin</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Moll thinks it's time for a change and Barack Obama is the right person to change the country.</em> <strong>CJ Brkovich</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>James Buechele</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>CJ Brkovich is a business major at Kent State University.  He is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He said the economy is the number one issue and that Senator Barack Obama is the best candidate.  </em> <strong>Daniel Nisbett</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Brittany Moffat</strong> (reporter) <strong>John DeCola</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>John DeCola is the Director of Advancement in the College of Technology at Kent State University. Lobbying, health care and the country’s financial state are of top concern for him.</em> <strong>Bret Pfeiffer</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Sarah Nusinow</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Bret Pfeiffer, who graduated from Kent State with an undergraduate degree in marketing, said he is worried about small business and how the economy is affecting them.</em> <strong>Phil Glazer</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Health care is Glazer's biggest issue. He said he felt there needed to be some sort of government program that provides health care for everyone.
</em> <strong>Julie Hutzell</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Vitale</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>She said she doesn’t keep up with political issues and probably won’t vote this year. Hutzell grew up as a democrat, but is leaning toward McCain. “I’m undecided because I don’t like either of them completely,” she said.
</em> <strong>Kristen Thompson</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Traynor</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kristen Thompson says she doesn't know what to believe from the candidates because of the misleading campaign ads.  She says the candidates should be more ethical and talk about real issues, rather than mislead the people.</em> <strong>Lindsay Spain</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Spain, a senior early childhood education major, said it’s hard to find a job as a college student. “I have to drive 20 minutes in order to get to work,” she said. “Using all that money on gas, which is so expensive, it’s tough to keep a job and pay for everything else.”</em> <strong>Mike Stanis</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Quite simply, Mike Stanis said he wants the candidates to talk about the war in Iraq and the economy. He said they're doing a good job addressing the economic issues.</em> <strong>Melinda Strahan</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Antasha Durbin Solomon</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Melinda Strahan is a Kent State student and Portage County resident who believes in the power of politics, and feels the candidates are too busy fighting with each other to really inform the general public about issues that are important. </em> <strong>Scott Martin</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Marcus Barkley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Scott Martin, 19, of Kent said that both candidates have yet to fully lay out their economic plans for the country. He said that job security for him as well as the rest of the country is paramount in the upcoming years, especially with the current financial state of the world.</em> <strong>Analycia Stapleton</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Holly Schoenstein</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“I’m not keen on the candidates. I know a lot of people are for Obama and that worries me.”</em> <strong>Nike Olabisi</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>John Hitch</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Nike Olabisi, who works at Riverside Wine and Bar on state Rt. 43, doesn't think undecided voters should listen to what the candidates have to say in the final days before the election. She advises them to educate themselves on the important issues.</em> <strong>Lisle Moore</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jackie Valley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Lisle Moore, a Brimfield Township resident for 23 years, thinks it would be “humanly impossible” for the presidential candidates to follow through with all their promises.</em> <strong>Eileen Manion</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Manion is concerned about all issues, but mainly about the war, economy and health care. </em> <strong>Charles Braeutigam</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Julie Landis</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Charles Braeutigam, a former Kent Roosevelt High School French and German language professor, recently opened Backerei in downtown Kent. </em> <strong>Anita Foote</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Brittany Moffat</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Anita Foote is a resident of Kent's sixth ward and a retired teacher.</em> <strong>Justin Holly</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kelly Pickerel</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>" /> <strong>Emily Douglass</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>As the manager of a small business, Douglass cannot afford to provide her employees with health insurance. </em> <strong>Tom Hall</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Traynor</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Tom Hall says dishonesty has been a problem to him in this presidential campaign season.  He also says the economy has become a major problem and that the candidates need to address the issue and help less fortunate Americans as well as bring the economy out of the slump it's in now.</em> <strong>Heather Thomas</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Lauren Yelichek</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Heather Thomas is an 18-year-old journalism major at Kent State.  She is a resident of Ryan's Place in Kent.  She said she would like to hear more from the candidates about helping college students with tuition. </em> <strong>Matthew Heiss</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Marcus Barkley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Matt Heiss, 20, of Kent, believes that, above all things, the media deceives potential voters, and he said that is nonsense and that it is wrong. He said that the best candidate for president is Ron Paul.</em> <strong>Jan Tregoning</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Tregoning, the Longcoy Elementary School music teacher, is passionate about the political issues that hit her close to home. </em> <strong>Katie Straniero</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Holly Schoenstein</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Everyone in government makes a lot of important decisions, so I need to educate myself so I can be informed enough to make an informed decision. I’m taking an American politics class this year to get me thinking about the current state of America.”
 </em> <strong>Alex Zarlino</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Megan Rozsa</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Alex Zarlino, 20, is a nursing major at Kent State. She lives in White Hall Terrace. Between the candidates, she is most concerned with how they are going to fix the economy. She doesn't want to be without a job in the future. </em> <strong>Jacqueline Lehane</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Traynor</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Jacqueline Lehane says she thinks education needs to be addressed more in the presidential campaigns.  Lehane is an early childhood education major, and she says the candidates need to address preschool education for children as well as the loan system for the country's universities.</em> <strong>Kelsey Longston</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kelsey Longston said a few things concern her this election. She wants the candidates to talk more about the rise in the cost of living and gas prices.</em> <strong>Tom Auld</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>James Buechele</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Tom Auld has lived in Kent most of his life.  He said the biggest issue this election is fixing the economy.  A very close second is the war in Iraq.   Auld said that neither candidate has a good plan of leaving Iraq, but Auld said something needs to change.</em> <strong>Kyle Cigany</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Sarah McGrath</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kyle Cigany, who lives at the Sigma Tau Gamma house on University Street, said that he will be voting for Barack Obama.</em> <strong>Kristen Bane</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Marcus Barkley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kristen Bane is an undecided voter who is waiting to be swayed by one of the candidates. She is especially looking forward to the debates to, hopefully, make her choice clear. 

</em> <strong>Don Lumley</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jackie Valley</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Don Lumley thinks the logic behind creating a national health care system is simple: “Right now, when people without it go to the emergency room we pay for their health care,” Lumley said. “Everyone’s should be paid for.” </em> <strong>Malcolm Weckerly </strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>A lifelong Kent resident, Weckerly has owned Kent Feed and Supply for 18 years, and says business is the worst it’s ever been. </em> <strong>Adrienne Mann</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Sarah Nusinow</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Adrienne Mann, a substitute teacher at Stanton Middle School, said she is worried about many different aspects of this election.  Mann said she doesn't feel that either presidential candidate has fully addressed what they will do if elected to office to help the economy.  </em> <strong>Herve Carden</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Carden said he is most concerned about social services, and particularly the lack of information available to him about the candidates' views on such.
</em> <strong>Jesse Meekins</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Meekins said he thinks the police force should have better regulation. He is also concerned about the amount of home foreclosures. </em> <strong>Rosi Peruyero</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kent resident Peruyero said she wished the candidates had talked more about immigration. “Specifically about the immigrants already living in the country. Where is their future?” she said.


</em> <strong>Emily Hertzog</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Joe Shearer</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>The issues most important to Emily Hertzog in this election are the ones, she said, the candidates aren't talking about.</em> <strong>Mona Joy</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Scarlett</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“As a Kent citizen, I think the taxes are going to be a big thing with the gas prices, mostly. I think the gas is the number one issue, right now-- gas prices [and] the way the diesel goes [so quickly.]  You’re looking at a shortage of truckers being able to supply food on shelves. I’ve already seen several notes in stores regarding shortage of things.”</em> <strong>Paul Petrick</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Gordon Thompson</strong> (reporter) <strong>Jason Marsberry</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Jenelle Maddox</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>He is concerned about the economy and the war. He thinks the troops should have been brought home a long time ago.</em> <strong>Billy Woods</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kristen Kotz</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Billy Woods is a 51-year-old Kent resident and Vietnam veteran. For him, the issue the candidates have yet to address is what they are going to do about the Iraq war.</em> <strong>Ann Lau</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Vitale</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>She doesn’t keep up with political issues and probably won't vote this year.
</em> <strong>Shayna Frankel and Chris Todd</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Tyler McIntosh</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Shayna Frankel and Chris Todd have different ideas about what Obama and McCain are not talking about. Frankel does not think either has talked enough about how America will get out of Iraq, and Todd still has doubts about the economy.</em> <strong>Dustin Chandler</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Gordon Thompson</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Dustin Chandler is a senior conservation major.</em> <strong>Dapika Papel</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Brock Harrington</strong> (reporter) <strong>Daniel Sadler</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Heather Vitale</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>“I believe that the debate is starting to get a little too personal maybe," /> <strong>Corey Skelton</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Kelly Pickerel</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Corey Skelton, 20, lives in University Townhomes and wishes the candidates would talk more about gas prices and tuition costs.</em> <strong>Ann Kardos</strong> (voter)    -     <strong>Alyssa Sparacino</strong> (reporter) 
    			<br><em>Kardos, owner since 1998 of Logos Bookstore in Kent, said she feels Election ‘08 has come to be a lot of “fluff” and lacks the depth that she desires during a presidential race.</em>
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